Real results, not empty promises

I am dedicated to family, first responders and community ethics.


Sam Cleveland is first and foremost a family man and active Houston community member. As a police officer, Sam felt called to step up for his community because issues were not being addressed and transparency was lacking. We invite you to get to know Sam and his passion to change Houston District E.


Transparency In City Government

Our government exists to serve us and for too long the Mayor’s Office has used their position to make transparent government a pipe dream when it come to contracts, public information requests, and spending.

I will make it my priority to ensure that you know where your money is spent, who is getting it, and why the money is being spent.


Flooding and Draining

I was in the water up to my chest during Hurricane Harvey and I understand the clear and present danger of the uncontrolled release of lake water from the Conroe dam can have on our community. I am grateful that Governor Abbott has finally put members of our community on San Jacinto River Authority that regulates those releases.

I will work directly with Dan Crenshaw and Randy Weber to ensure federal dollars and federal resources are directed towards our district to assist in the complete and timely dredging of Lake Houston allowing water to flow to the Gulf rather than our homes.


Public Safety

We need to ensure that our first responders – police and fire – are not serving us at the expense of their families. There is no excuse that our Firefighters start their career earning $27,000 per year which is why, as a Houston Police Officer, I support the enacting of Prop B including the incentive pays that were included in the vote.

  • Over 15 Commendations as a Houston Police Officer

  • Mentor with Bionic Ear Association

  • Received Life Saving Award For Hurricane Harvey

Make a Difference

Invest today to be a part of the movement to elect Sam Cleveland as your city councilman to be a champion for Houston, District E! We greatly appreciate your support!



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