Sam Cleveland

We need your support to better this community. With Sam as your District E Council Member, he will use his position to focus on the real issues such as flood control, transparency in city government, public safety and keeping tax dollars in our district.


Meet Sam Cleveland

Sam lives in Kingwood with his beautiful wife and three wonderful children. His family attends Cross Roads Fellowship, Kingwood Campus. He attended Sam Houston State University where he received his undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice and his Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice Leadership and Management while he was a Houston Police Officer.

Sam’s police career is studded with dozens of commendations including three Lifesaving Awards and a Meritorious Service Award. He currently serves the community in Kingwood as part of the Kingwood Division.

While Sam was serving as a Houston Police Officer he fell ill which led to his hospitalization, where he was in a comatose state for two weeks and kept alive on life support. Through faith and modern medicine he was able to come back through physical therapy to full strength with a new challenge to overcome – the total loss of his hearing.


Over 15 Commendations as a Houston Police Officer

  • Mentor with Bionic Ear Association

  • Received Life Saving Award For Hurricane Harvey

With the help of Cochlear Implants and the support from the City and his Command Staff, he was able to return to full time duty as a police officer, making him one of the first deaf police officers in the country to have Cochlear Implants. Sam continues to serve both as an officer and as a role model to the deaf and hard of hearing volunteering his time as a mentor for the Bionic Ear Association, through public outreach, and public speaking to children and deaf students who see him as a paragon of perseverance.

Just as Sam fought to serve our community before, he is fighting to serve our community again; this time focused on Public Safety, financial responsibility, and ensuring our money is used to ensure our voices and needs are no longer ignored by city hall.