Transparency in City Government

  • Require any request for city documents to be delivered electronically or by scanning

  • All City or City entity contracts or capital expenditures over $100,000 be published digitally on a single city webpage that is open to the public for examination

  • The voting history of each member to be published on that individual council member’s city website

  • Require a disclaimer for each published contract to include the amount of money the vendor or contractor has given to city officials

  • Require public disclosure and council approval of all spending above $5,000 from any special revenue funds

Public Safety

  • Enact the Proposition B Pay Parity that Houston Voters enacted

  • Allocated funds for the purchases of emergency vehicles to replace emergency vehicles that are no longer capable of being used to protect the public

  • Promote a “hire from within” policy for senior executive staff in both the Fire and Police Departments

  • Push for greater inter-operability between the Police and Fire Departments to reduce redundant costs.

  • Change the EMS fee structure to discourage the practice of for profit facilities, such as assisted living and health care providers, from using HFD EMS as a private transport service while ensuring prompt and professional care for those in need.

  • Ensure our First Responders that pay for their own vehicles and insurance are not losing money to provide for the citizens of Houston.

  • Oppose the Fire Chief Sam Peña’s proposal to limit the number of firetrucks and firefighters coming to save you and your family.

Flooding and Drainage

I was in the water up to my chest during Harvey and I understand the clear and present danger of the uncontrolled release of lake water from the Conroe dam can have on our community. I am grateful that Governor Abbott has finally put members of our community on San Jacinto River Authority that regulates those releases.

With those changes in mind I will use this office to do the following:

  • Work with Dan Crenshaw and Randy Weber to ensure federal dollars and federal resources are directed towards our district to assist in the complete and timely dredging of Lake Houston allowing water to flow to the Gulf rather than our homes

  • Properly fund emergency response training for HPD and HFD to allow our first responders the ability to assist the members of our community in times of flooding

  • Ensure that new residential and commercial development accounts for drainage and detention of the new property before development begins

  • Work with the Harris County Office of Emergency Management to ensure that the text message and email inclement weather notification system reaches all Houstonians

Fiscal Responsibility

  • Reevaluate city contracting to ensure Houstonians are the ones served by each contract and not the Mayor’s political friends

  • Evaluate city services to ensure they are performing there functions as intended

  • Reevaluate the spending priorities of our Enterprise Funds including the Airport Enterprise Fund, and Houston First which routinely spend millions of dollars on aesthetic upgrades rather than ensuring that their core purpose is fulfilled

  • Oppose the hiring of law firms to represent the city in suits involving voter imposed charter amendments or lobbyists to lobby the legislature to increase our taxes

Veterans Programs

  • I will work with Congressman Dan Crenshaw, Congressman Randy Weber, and Combined Arms to bring VA block grants to our city in order to establish Veterans Centers of Excellence that would include temporary veterans housing, mental health services, and job placement that will aid in ending veterans homelessness.